We are not idle,

Though the van is sat waiting to be back on the Carevan road, our team are working behind the scenes as we look forward to opening up as soon as restrictions allow πŸ”‘

We continue to make weekly contactless delivery of hampers to members of the community who are most in need of this ongoing support. Andrew and Kimbalee take these to a number of locations for contactless delivery each Tuesday evening and numbers are growing with new requests each week.
This work is made possible by our awesome friends at OzHarvestπŸ’š They have received some much deserved funding for this amazing hamper program which will enable it to continue to the end of the year … the flow on effect of this great news is that we are fortunate enough to continue as one of the many lucky recipients of these bags of goodness. 🧺
Heartfelt gratitude to Renzo, Alan and Diego, and all the amazing OzHarvest team of course, who make these hampers happen each week. This program is the backbone of the work we are able to do at the moment while COVID continues on, but it is also an inspirational program worthy of attention at any time and certainly worthy of funding! Our thanks for the amazing work they do for the Carevan community and many, many others and also because these are some of the nicest people you will ever hope to meet. If you haven’t already, take a look at the OzHarvest website and the wonderful work they are doing.
Huge THANKS to Kevin and Scotty 😎 from the Blacktown Council staff, who have taken on the weekly collection of the hampers on our behalf. We simply cannot thank you and the team enough for taking on this important task, this assistance is invaluable and enables us to access this important resource during the lockdown. It is essential work and we are not sure we could get it done without you … πŸŽ‰
Thanks also for the stalwart and ever-present support in the form of the council’s Deputy Mayor and our friend, Julie Griffiths.πŸ’š Julie, your approachable, enthusiastic and effervescent support for all things β€˜Carevan Blacktown’, is beyond fantastic πŸŽ‰β€¦ nothing is too big or too small a question to ask and your support towards a grant to help our Christmas plans is like Santa has delivered already… You are FANTASTIC πŸ‘
And speaking of gifts, we have made some new friends and connections along the COVID way and none lovelier than Hamish (and mum Melissa) who have come aboard the Carevan Bus. Hamish is a keen prospective volunteer but is a smidge too young as yet, but that hasn’t deterred him and he decided to donate money towards our work which will go to adding bread and milk to the weekly hampers we are delivering. Thank YOU, Hamish, … you are a rock star … and huge luck in the HSC πŸ’š
We have been contacted throughout lockdown by our regular supporters and new ones, checking in and offering a helping hand. Roger at St Vincent De Paul, John from the Lion’s Club, the amazing Blacktown Kildare Mason’s Edgar and Dr Raul and our friend Sunil… And all the lovely people, like the amazing knitting machine Anne Marie, working away on scarves and warm things to keep the chill away with some home-made care… It’s super to know we have such support, always. πŸ’š
And finally Happy Birthday to our very own Santa Bruce … you don’t look a day over 21… must be the cold weather. Big birthday LOVE to you from the Carevan family. Β πŸŽ‚πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‰

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