This week at Lalor Park…..

It was a hot, windy evening on the Lalor Park streets for Carevan’s evening meal service Tuesday night, smoky skies, a reminder of the devastating fires taking their toll across NSW and QLD. Compassionate and generous communities rallying around, in the face of this old nemesis. The fighting Aussie spirit evident everywhere as neighbours, friends, firefighters and prefect strangers, reach out to help those in need. 

We are far from the fires at Lalor Park this evening, but at Carevan we are witness to this kind of amazing community support every week. Offers of help, meals, clothing, volunteering, anything… this week being no exception … community groups and individuals, including a 5-year-old little boy and his mum reaching out to offer help.

Thanks this week to Celeste, Kellyville Anglican and Donna for the delicious meals. Hunter’s Hampers and Parklea Markets for fruit, veg and bread,  an amazingly generous bounty helping to stock pantries and ease the week’s budget strain.

Huge thanks to the fabulous Karen and Kym, the dynamic serving duo, James and Bruce on beverages, general duty and dad jokes! And Andrew for tireless efforts and a whole lot of running around… Van wheels turning.

Special thanks also to Jigsaw OOSH for chocolate crackle scrumptiousness and of course our lovely Taylor for keeping our Facebook a happening thing.

The Carevan family’s extends thoughts and prayers to all those facing and fighting the fires and their aftermath, wherever you are. We know, because we see it each week, that the gracious Australian community will support each other though this challenging time.

Take care of each other



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