Sharing the Dignity at Christmas

Thank you to all the wonderful people at Share the Dignity for the Dignity Handbags

Carevan Blacktown has taken delivery of just over 100 beautiful handbags of DIGNITY and love πŸ’• this year and we cannot thank you enough!

We have been the recipients of this loveliness for some time now and each and every year we are simply astonished by the incredibly generous support and so very very grateful❣️

The team are bright happy rays of sunshine; a huge THANKS to Gail and Janelle as well as to the organisation for keeping Carevan on your radar and of course for the wonderful handbags !!

The bags are full of the sorts of things that everyone needs and wants, but which are often seen as β€˜extras’ on stretched shopping lists and of course the bags themselves are beautiful accessories which would otherwise be well out of reach 🎁

These special pampering touches at Christmas πŸŽ„ go a long way to making a person feel cared for by the community who donates to them and by the wonderful team who arrange, package and deliver these beautiful gifts to Carevan for distribution.

Having something delicious, moisturizing, cleansing and pretty to apply to body (and to soul ) can brighten a dull day and help to face the tasks ahead, with a little sparkle, confidence and of course DIGNITY ❣️

Thank you Dignity Handbags and all those who make these marvelous gifts happen πŸ‘œ

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