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Carevan Blacktown is supported in all our endeavours, by some fantastic organisations who provide us with wonderful support both behind the scenes and at the street services…  Since somewhere in the middle of this rapidly closing out year, a very welcome friendship with the wonderful Blanket Patrol Western Sydney began.

Blanket Patrol set up tables alongside Carevan at Lalor Park Community Centre on a Tuesday evening (as well as many other evenings at different venues around Sydney) and together serve the members of the local community, providing to those in need the donations of a kind and caring community

Lissa and her team of Blanket Patrol Western Sydney, bring a huge smile and open hearts along with lots of clothing, blankets and all manner of warming, essential items. The tables are open for the folk to come and browse and help themselves to all manner of items …

There is no cost and Blanket Patrol, like Carevan, serve quite simply as a conduit between a community that is generous and kind in the extreme, and the members of our community most in need of this kindness.

We love having Blanket Patrol with us each week and are forging a lovely association with the team as we have with all our supporters and cannot thanks you enough for adding your sparkle to our services

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Excerpt from Blanket Patrol’s Facebook Pages …

Blanket Patrol Western Sydney
 is feeling wonderful at The Lalor Park Community Garden.

December 3 at 8:52 PM · Sydney, NSW ·




No matter how tired we are when we see the reaction on the kids and adults faces it makes it all worthwhile. We love what we do and feel that we get so much out of serving them.

(Consent was given for pictures 👍

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