Carevan Blacktown “Feeding the People “

Feeding the People is at the core of Carevan Blacktown’s mission and the kitchen, like in many families, is at the heart of this endeavour

Carevan serves up around 80 + meals on a Tuesday evening and we are providing hampers and emergency meals through the week; this work is growing beyond the capacity of the few that manage this and we need some help and would LOVE your involvement.
We often receive enquiries about assistance from people keen to help but unable to commit to regular street team evenings, for all kinds of obligations and commitments, but this doesn’t diminish their generous offer of care…
And so, dear Carevan community, this week we are starting something new and we are asking for assistance. We need meals…
We are forming a group within Carevan, which we have christened “CAREVAN KITCHEN”  which will be a community collective of cooking and meal donations to increase our meal supply and support the teams working so hard each week,  to serve up to our Carevan family.
We always need trays of food to serve, to freeze and to add to the food we currently receive and make ourselves.
Everyone is welcome to donate meals, big or small, on an ad-hoc basis or perhaps become part of a regular cooking team or roster. We are very grateful for anything you would like to add…
You may already be a friend, volunteer or Carevan community follower … or a neighbour, family or friend of someone who is…you may want to make something once a month, a fortnight or just a once-off contribution. You certainly don’t have to prepare enough for 80 … any help is enough to help … and is wonderful.
You can use your own ideas, your grandmother’s best recipe, kid’s least favourite, school recipe books or family faves… or just mix up a big batch of generosity sprinkled with the power of kindness and drop it to us (or we can collect) …get in touch with so we know “what’s cooking” and we coordinate, so as not to waste a single sprinkle.
Volunteering for Carevan Blacktown or any charitable organisation, brings with it all kinds of benefits and you’ll never feel better than when your food is served to folks who would otherwise be going without… or at least without YOUR yummy food… or rather … edible love 

Carevan Kitchen

Would you like to contribute to our cooking community?
If you’d like to join with us, in delivering kindness and a warm meal with the ‘Carevan Kitchen’ team ?
Please get in touch ?

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