Carevan Blacktown THANK YOU ALL


When there are no words to express our enormous gratitude… but we will give it a shot …

We overwhelmed by the amazing community generosity and support shown to Carevan Blacktown and by extension the people we care for, this week… as every week.

So many incredibly generous and kind offers of help and donations coming in as Christmas approaches. Individuals and local communities coming together and collecting tinned food and hamper items for the season ahead… regular allies and supporters and new friends reaching out to us to help others.. we are blessed indeed.

This week we received a huge donation from the Castle Hill Public school community who donated more than an incredible 51 crates (and there’s more in bags and boxes) of tinned food and pantry items. The pictures speak a thousand words really … we had to go a long way back and resort to the panoramic shots to capture it all.

Thank you to our volunteer and Castle Hill teacher Sue, whose lovely initiative this was, and enormous thanks to Jacinda who coordinated it all and then did a weightlifting work out too, with her colleagues and fellow teachers Pip and Libby, helping us load up the van and 3 cars filled to the brim with goodies.

Thanks to the many teachers who put this small miracle together, with an efficiency and precision that would put a Swiss clock maker to shame and huge thanks to the school community at large for this generosity and kindness .. We are overwhelmed by the donation and touched by the collaboration and work done on our behalf .. and can never thank you enough … suffice to say though, that this food will help to support the many, many empty pantries and struggling budgets of those we serve, for months to come, and our gratitude is boundless.

We also had a collection coordinated by another lovely Carevan volunteer ( aren’t they all!)  Geetika and the community of family and friends of Just For Kids, Epping. This little centre has donated cans and food items and is equally as fantastic and kind for its BIG heart and generous donation of 4 big boxes .. decorated especially for Carevan by the kids.

This sort of school and childcare activity is, as we’ve said before, especially heart-warming.  Engendering in our children and next generations, a sense of social justice & this kind of compassion and care for people among us who are struggling, is an invaluable thing and charities such as our rely on it always.

We CANNOT do what we do without the community’s awareness and support, and we thank you from the bottom of our tin canned hearts

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