Carevan Blacktown Winter Blanket and Sock Appeal 2020

Carevan Blacktown Winter Blanket and Sock Appeal

     Warm bodies, Warm Hearts and Warm toes,

Lovely to be inside, warm in front of fires, with warm clothing and comfy items to pull on and over us, but tough times for though for those who cannot get warm, who haven’t the extra money for heating bills and most especially for those in our community who haven’t a roof over their heads.

And so it’s time to run our Winter Blanket and Sock Appeal. We’d LOVE a blanket, (please don’t spend any more than $25 on a blanket!) and a pair of socks. Preloved blankets are lovely too, but please in good condition… just as you’d be happy to receive yourself.

Carevan Blacktown are still waiting to be able to restart our meal services, it is isn’t far, but it isn’t yet so, in the meantime, our great friends at Blanket Patrol Western Sydney will distribute blankets and donations during their rounds of the local parks and places where those in need of this your fluffy and warming kindness can receive it.

Let us know if you would like to donate something warm and we will come to you, to collect from verandahs/ porches and driveways so you can stay warm, safe, and at home.

If you’d love to donate but are keen to stay away from the shopping centres, you can donate to Carevan Blacktown and we’ll grab something on your behalf, just get in touch with us (here on Facebook/ messenger on our email/website as below) and we’ll help you to help us keep someone warm this winter season. (please don’t donate via Paypal.. we’re not connected … but you can donate via our website if you’re keen on this option)

Thank you, generous souls one and all … from the bottom our hearts to our warm toes


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