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Cavan Blacktown Volunteering 2024

Thank you to all our wonderful Carevan Blacktown volunteers.
We are blessed with a growing and glowing team of amazing people who give off their time, skills, and a smidge of muscle power.
We have just held the first training session for 2024 one welcomed many new Green t-shirters for 2024 – Lots of generous people looking to lend a hand and a couple of hours to caring for people in need in our community
 Welcome all!
From the clothing and kitchen teams at the ‘coal face’ on a Tuesday evening, to the busy people working work behind the scenes each week. We have an amazing community of green angels doing all manner of tasks, to ensure the Tuesday evenings come to be and that the work to keep the wheels turning, the fridges stocked, the clothing shelves stacked and the vehicles running carries on week after week.
SO many dedicated people working after work hours and on weekends over the past few months in particular ~ sorting mountains of clothing and household donations, collections & drop offs, home deliveries, baking and cooking nutritious huge pots of food, to create our communal meal and food for the week to follow.
One such quiet green achiever delivers a ‘kindness box’ of fruit and veg, donated by the generous members Box Divvy Bella Vista, each Friday to a different recipient each week~ One of these recipients is a single mother of four, starting over and re-establishing a home here in Australia ~ She and her family are incredibly grateful for the wonderful community initiative that is the ‘kindness box’ ~ simple in its concept, but truly invaluable for a family struggling with loss, displacement and huge change – a community connection and kindness of immeasurable value through this lovely act of anonymous generosity. ????
We have generous folks dropping by to help with sorting, putting up shelving, doing electrical work (saving us money and a zapping⚡️) ~ packing, unpacking, and packing again ~ gym workout without the fees.   People dropping by to help without request or requirement of thanks, payment or even acknowledgement ~ you are the very essence of the Aussie volunteering spirit and showing kindness for others through actions and we thank you, all
Thank you to the local organisations and small businesses who ‘volunteer’ their resources, connections, financial support, donate food, send along employees, referrals or just share the word through the community ~ many of you never meet the people we serve on your behalf and the generosity  of this is not lost on us or diminished in any way by your not being at the serving tables ~ we know who you are and value you all the more for  community kindness.
Volunteers are the soul of any charitable organisation and ours is no exception ~ Thank you Carevan Blacktown all-stars – new recruits and old hands alike ~
We can’t do our thing without you
Our next volunteer evening will be in April, so if you’re keen to come on board, get involved or help out in any way ~ just get in touch ~ email~

Carevan Blacktown Xmas Thank You

T’was the night after Christmas ~ or something like that and all across Carevan Blacktown the fluoro green elves were a little too tired to come up with a rhyme ~ and are taking a couple of weeks off for some family, friends and seasonal festivity instead.
We have packed, stacked, stocked, wrapped, collected, stored, sticky-taped, loaded, cooked, carved, sliced, and served our last hamper, toy, gift and meal for 2023.
Christmas, like no other time of the year, brings kindness from the rafters and generosity from every nook and cranny of our wonderful community.
From donations of a single tin of ham to a child collecting money to buy crates of groceries, from handmade toys to handwritten notes, hand packed hygiene gifts to truckloads of drinks, bakers rolls to the last number and fresh fruit delivered to the door.
From angelic singers to photographers, electricians to security, people come to lend us their skillset or their time, while still ( many ) others work their Christmas magic from afar and are never known to the hundreds they care for
All these wonderful humans and community connections form our amazing support network, which ensures that there is a special dash of sparkle sprinkled liberally across the Carevan Blacktown community at Christmas .
Christmas is a magical time of family, friends and community and this is never more obvious than the Carevan Blacktown Christmas evening and Xmas morning BBQs and 2023 was no exception
We thank you all
‘Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.’

Carevan Blacktown at WEXPO 2023

Carevan Blacktown were afforded the honour of an invite to WEXPO 2023, held at the Blacktown Workers Club on 5th September 2023.

We joined many other exhibitors in promoting and exploring the activities of the local community, including some of our friends, neighbours and supporters – including Caroline Allen of the ACU Blacktown campus, who’s students attend Carevan Blacktown to volunteer as part of their community placement requirements, Merven Virueda from the Parramatta Community College, new friends and volunteers Gay and Kerry from Inner Wheel Blacktown, neighbour & local artist Danielle RG of ‘Stitches Collection’ and our wonderful friends & supporters of The Workers Lifestyle Group.

We chatted with many passers by and our CEO Andrew Scott was interviewed by the ABC for a grab of radio airing on radio national the following day.

A successful day of connection and networking with our wonderful community on which we rely so heavily.

There’s a little highlight of us on page 43


Homelessness Week 2023 “It’s time to end homelessness”

August 7 to Sunday August 13 ~ Homelessness Week 2023

“It’s time to end homelessness”.

For a week each year the community focuses on the multifaceted dilemma of homelessness and home insecurity~ seeking a solution ~ a resolution~ in this our ‘lucky country’.

For those for whom this precarious and vulnerable position is the reality of life, the week will stretch beyond the week and the solutions and resolutions are out of grasp.

Carevan Blacktown joined the Workers Lifestyle group for the recent CEO sleep out event – a cold and wet June night, giving us the briefest of glimpses into the uncertainty and insecurity of of “living” with homelessness – a state of being for so many, and a multifactorial and multi-faceted reality.

We had tents to sleep in and a mattress on the ground, a meal provided, entertainment and the surety of a warm shower, a bed, somewhere to brush our teeth and a home to go to the next day .. For those affected by homelessness this is not the case ~ no home and no security… no warm comforts to help them endure the nights or any reassurance about a meal or a safe place to sleep the next night.

There is much to be done .. and lots of discussion this week especially, about rising costs of living and housing availability and the fact that many people are struggling to meet the basics of life. Carevan helps where we we are able and we are open to all .. it’s a warm room, company and a bowl of sustenance plus a little extra goodie or two provided by our amazing community and the Carevan Blacktown family.

It’s a little bit …. but its not enough

The facts;

On any given night, 122,494 people in Australia are experiencing
homelessness (ABS Census 2021).

One in seven people experiencing homelessness are children under 12 (ABS Census 2021).

23 per cent of people experiencing homelessness (almost one in 4) are children and young people between 12 and 24 (ABS Census 2021).

One in five people experiencing homelessness are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people (ABS Census 2021).

Homelessness is not “rooflessness”. Only 6.2 per cent of people without a home are sleeping rough. The majority of homelessness is hidden – people in crisis accommodation, rooming houses, insecure housing,
overcrowded dwellings or couch surfing.

Blacktown Workers Lifestyle Group CEO Sleep out 2023

We came, We chilled & We (sorta) slept 

Thank You to the AMAZING Workers Club Lifestyle Group and all those who supported Carevan Blacktown through this fantastic event… What an extraordinary honour and what a super night.

Mother nature saw to it that we had the full experience of a winter’s night ~ the evening was (very) chill & wet, but that didn’t dampen spirits, as the Clubs’ CEO Morgan Stewart and his AMAZING team hosted a wonderful event, raising awareness of the plight of so many Aussies, for whom secure lodgings, a warm safe place to lay their heads, of even a roof above, is not a reality.

The Clubs’ awesome team guided Carevan through the past months of preparation, rounded up supporters and, on the evening, provided us all with a meal, jerseys, beanies, tents, and mattresses for all those who dressed up in multiple (x multiple) layers and came along to experience a night in the cold.

THANK YOU so very much, to all those who supported Carevan by donating towards the cause or towards a camper, for sharing the posts and to all those who rugged up and came along to sleep out AND of course to all those fantastic corporate sponsors who got behind the event.

Special mention to the awesome Sunil, our honorary volunteer & long-time supporter who raised the highest personal donation of the event & and who came along to sleep out ..or at least try to sleep.. until his tent flooded and he then spent the night sitting in the stands waiting for sunrise before heading off to work .. making the evening a very authentic experience!! A fluoro Green Carevan legend!!

Thank you to Emma Blackall & Simon Graham, Kay Kelly and members of the Blacktown Workers Lifestyle group board, to Stephen Bali MP, councillor Bob Fitzgerald OAM. To our regular club supporters Tina, Brett, Taya , John, Katelyn & ALL the fabulous workers club staff for this wonderful support and care.

BIG LOVE to the intrepid brigade of Carevan Blacktown volunteer campers on the night, Tracey, Kimbalee, Jasmine & Helen and all the Workers Club angels who came along for a night in the chill.

Finally & most especially to the two fantabulous CEOs ~ Morgan Stewart & Andrew Scott. CEOs who put their people, communities and missions above their own comfort and who work tirelessly to improve the lives of so many within our shared community … Thank you gentlemen, you are Chief Executives in deed and in action.

There are official photos on the way, but we wanted to start to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our humbled green heart, for this wonderful and once in a lifetime opportunity. This fantastic windfall will help Carevan Blacktown to continue its mission into the future ~ assisting those among us who need a little hand up by passing on the remarkable and unending care of the community which supports us.




This year, 2023, the Blacktown Workers’ Club annual CEO and CO Winter Sleep Out will be raising funds for US!! CAREVAN BLACKTOWN ❄️

We are beyond excited to have this AMAZING support and encourage all our followers & friends, families & colleagues, neighbours & affiliates ~ anyone and everyone… to support this super event.☃️

Our CEO ANDREW SCOTT will be joining the Worker’s Club community on the night, along with other members of the Carevan family⛺️to sleep out and experience, for just one night, the life of so many without a warm place to sleep or a secure roof over their heads.

Everyone is welcome to participate in whichever way you would like.. sleep out yourself or fund our CEO ❄️

JOIN us VIA the QR code (on the flier) and register / sign in to come along for the night OR simply donate towards this fantastic Blacktown Workers’ Club event on behalf Carevan Blacktown and all those who will benefit from your kindness and generosity ☃️

Any questions please reach out to Carevan on or The Workers lifestyle group on

Please see the flier attached. Scan and join in or support our CEO Andrew and Carevan Blacktown ❄️

And our HUGE thanks to the Blacktown Workers Club for their ongoing and generous support of Carevan in our mission to serve our shared community ????

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