Rain, Hail or Shine…

Rain, Hail or Shine! It was a true blessing that SYDNEY finally received some much needed rain - fingers crossed it makes its way out to our farmers. These same farmers support us with generous donations to give to those who would otherwise go without.

Last night our team braved the rain to go out and provide warm meals for our friends at Lalor Park. We served 27 people also braving the elements, because they needed a warm meal and some fresh produce to take away.

Last night Carevans meals were provided by Andrew and Gordo from Kellyville Anglican Church. Luke from Hunters hampers, soaked to the bone but still smiling as he delivered plenty of bread and other fresh produce, organised by Donna from Hunters Hampers, the most incredible and generous person we have ever met.

Glaiza from Dearest Lips donated much needed funds to provide essentials, such as take away containers and tea and coffee. Thanks so much Glazia.

Lissa from Blanket patrol also took on the weather to provide much needed clothes and towels for our Lalor Park family - and didn’t we all need the towels last night!

Boris and Bob our farmers from Orange further supported us with fresh produce in conjunction with Tony and the gang at Parklea markets.

Finally a special thanks to our dedicated volunteers who braved the wet weather because of their loved of making a difference to other. Kym, Caroline and Bruce thank you so much, you amazing human beings 😊

From our Chairman Andrew Scott


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