Carevan Blacktown; Homelessness Week 2021

As Homelessness week comes to a close we recognise that for those experiencing this plight, the problem will not be closed out or be resolved with the passing of a week or because of the short burst of attention… this is an ongoing issue and demands attention and care all year long.

There are sobering facts contained within these links and web pages and they are worth the listen or read because “Everybody Needs a Home”

“Homelessness is not a choice. Homelessness is one of the most potent examples of disadvantage in the community, and one of the most important markers of social exclusion.” (Department of Human Services, 2002).


Report: Social housing keeps women safe from family violence, expands economy

Homelessness Week 2021 Webinar – YouTube

Homelessness Statistics Australia | The Salvation Army Australia

And from the wonderful Pastor Jon Owen at the Wayside Chapel with the “Voices from the streets” live panel discussion, during Homelessness Week

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