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Homelessness Week 2019

At the end of this week’s focus on Homelessness and following a HUGE Tuesday evening out on the street, Carevan would like to shine a little light of immense gratitude on ALL our amazing supporters who work with us throughout the year. Our regular and amazing supporters and the new ones, who befriend us each week, enabling Carevan to help the members of our community at disadvantage and in need.

Quietly in background, going about their knitting, buying, cooking and advocating for support… our wonderful community provide meals, food, warm clothing, blankets and all manner of goodies, all year long…. and we simply cannot THANK YOU ALL enough.

Homelessness week 2019 closes out this week. Sadly this social plight will go on beyond the week’s focus, a multifactorial issue, difficult to manage or prevent. It is evident, however, that it is within the community’s power to provide and care for those for whom this is the reality.

The support Carevan receives IS this care for others in action, such kindness of heart, demonstrated though deed and action and we see this each and every week.

Thank you all