Zoom training session planned


We love new volunteers and welcome all offers of care and help, but in order to serve on a street team, anyone interested in joining us for the fun needs firstly, to attend a training session.

These are easy-going and informative sessions that will give you the rundown on what we do and how our FAB volunteers help Carevan to serve those most at need.

Dates need to be a little flexible to meet work schedules of everyone running the sessions and those, like you 🙂  who would like to attend… but we aim to run a session every 3-4 months and have begun to structure this by choosing 4 months in 2021

The first session will be the last week of February 2021, followed by May, August and November, depending on the number of  interested prospective volunteers

If this is YOU stay tuned to our Facebook page and to this website and we will update it as events draw closer

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