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ZOOM…… Volunteer Training Wednesday 12th August


Moving right along with the times and in keeping with the COVID restrictions, Carevan Blacktown has (well, actually one of our more techno-savvy committee members has) set up our training sessions via the magic of a ZOOM training presentation.

Using the new technology, to accommodate the COVID restrictions, and some good “old fashioned” experience from our CEO and team members,  Carevan is really pleased to be able to conduct training sessions online via ZOOM, keeping our teams supported by bolstering numbers and encouraging and engaging new members into the Carevan Family

We have received extraordinary interest since we returned to the streets ( in the fabulous community hall) some 4 weeks ago, and this has only increased since advertising a new date for training… truly amazing and so heartwarming to see that the community is looking out for each other in this time of stress, duress and uncertainty.

Carevan is simply a conduit between the most generous of communities ( OURS!)  and its most vulnerable and disadvantaged members, in need of a helping hand … and we simply cannot do without such amazing support.

Our first  ZOOM  training session was a great success and we will continue online into the future, as this forum brings with it many positives and possibilities, not the least of which is to enable the sessions to be run more frequently.

Online meetings, webinars and chats, make most things doable, as we have found with working from home and connecting to family and friends in more lateral and technical ways, during this extraordinary year. More importantly, it has proven to be a successful way to stay connected and continue on with life, together … and it has taught a few old Luddites a thing or two …  silver linings

Our wonderful Facebook team will publish these sessions as they are approaching and everyone and anyone is welcome to join in.. just grab a cuppa,  find a computer and follow the link… and share with those you think may be interested in joining in

Next session;  Wednesday 12th August 2020