Carevan Blacktown Welcomes 2022

We are back for 2022, Back to the lovely cool Community Hall at Lalor Park to serve up our meal and hamper service for the New Year
As with every year, our meals come to us courtesy of the cooking dynamos of the Carevan Blacktown community.🍜  Norwest Christian School, “Erkso Eats” (Erskine Park High School) Roshni, the Blacktown Sai Centre, and our own cooking team of Carevan Volunteers. Our meals are supplemented by hampers and other goodies from the amazing crew at OzHarvest, food from Foodbank, Donna and Hunter Hampers, and Boris and Bob at Parklea Markets… AND of course lots of clothing, blankets and household goods from the amazing community and friends.
The first week out we served up a chicken dish made from the wonderful bounty we received from Hawkesbury’s Helping Hands in the first few weeks of 2022…. As featured in our Facebook postings, this produce godsend will help us for many months to come in supporting our meal service. We are very, very thankful to Linda and her team and to the bigger process in the chain of events and work that saw this produce redistributed and not wasted, which it might otherwise have been. We will ensure that we make the most of the blessing this is and are truly thankful.
We have begun receiving hampers from our friends at OzHarvest once more, as they too commenced the new year after well-earned Xmas breaks for all. We hope support for this awesome program will continue into 2022, benefitting charities like ours and of course the wider community, but principally because this organisation ensures produce use, reuse and waste reduction, in so many different and valuable ways.🍎
We are masked up and ready for 2022 and what it has in store, but whatever it is it will be done together with our amazing community, partners and support networks, all of which make our week to week possible.

                                                                                  Happy New Year and see you in it

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