Carevan Blacktown Xmas Thank You

T’was the night after Christmas ~ or something like that and all across Carevan Blacktown the fluoro green elves were a little too tired to come up with a rhyme ~ and are taking a couple of weeks off for some family, friends and seasonal festivity instead.
We have packed, stacked, stocked, wrapped, collected, stored, sticky-taped, loaded, cooked, carved, sliced, and served our last hamper, toy, gift and meal for 2023.
Christmas, like no other time of the year, brings kindness from the rafters and generosity from every nook and cranny of our wonderful community.
From donations of a single tin of ham to a child collecting money to buy crates of groceries, from handmade toys to handwritten notes, hand packed hygiene gifts to truckloads of drinks, bakers rolls to the last number and fresh fruit delivered to the door.
From angelic singers to photographers, electricians to security, people come to lend us their skillset or their time, while still ( many ) others work their Christmas magic from afar and are never known to the hundreds they care for
All these wonderful humans and community connections form our amazing support network, which ensures that there is a special dash of sparkle sprinkled liberally across the Carevan Blacktown community at Christmas .
Christmas is a magical time of family, friends and community and this is never more obvious than the Carevan Blacktown Christmas evening and Xmas morning BBQs and 2023 was no exception
We thank you all
‘Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.’

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