Happy Carevan Blacktown Easter

Happy Easter to all our Carevan Blacktown community and beyond.

A long weekend of family, friends and chocolate ~ a little break to relax and renew.

We will be running a Bunnings BBQ on Saturday 30th March serving up the best sausages sandwiches in the Bunnings BBQ business… AND to add to the special magic that is the Easter weekend ~ we will be holding a cake stall as well

 We will be selling sweetness galore made by our wonderful Carevan Blacktown bakers, with added ‘sugar and spice’ from our super friends at The Kings Langley Public School. Our wonderful supporters ~Sandra and Anjali, have sent out a call for some community bakers in the school community to take a rolling pin and some cake mix~ on Carevan’s behalf ~ and we will be provided with lots of deliciousness to sell as a result of this generous community’s efforts.

Bunnings BBQs are critical fundraising for Carevan Blacktown, as they are for so many charities – each and every weekend around Australia  ~ They are fun interactive and proactive days, which offer us the chance to give a little something back for the funds we make, rather than just hoping for grants and donations.

The cake stalls are a ‘sweet’ addition to these important days proving, more often than not, to be irresistible to the passing public and in turn, a great boost of much needed funds.

Thank you to our baking stars ~ to all the treat makers and home bakers behind the scenes ~ our own volunteers and most especially, the special school community angels who have made cakes and goodies with kindness and care to support our charity ~ we hope the Easter Bunny is especially good to you all this year!

Special thanks to Anjali and Sandra & the Kings Langley public school community and as always to all the Carevan volunteers who will come along on their long weekend to run the Bunnings BBQ and the cake stall

~ lovely bunnies, all~

Thank you for your support



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